Decorate Your Home As An Interior Designer

July 2, 2018 Interior Designer

Decorating like a professional is not an easy task, knowing about materials, functionality, and trends take time. We teach you three basic tips to decorate your home as an interior designer.

The decoration of our home is not anything, having harmonious spaces and with style is a goal that many of us try to achieve. Combining the right pieces is not easy, for that reason, getting inspiration is essential.

Think About Balance

If you think that everything looks uniform, same tones, and same textures, you are wrong. The balance is the fusion of different objects and styles so that they acquire a sense, that harmony is generated. The issue is in daring to combine various elements, get the midpoint when together with a rustic-style wooden table with a thin lamp with floral patterns.

Comfortableness In Spaces

When creating an interior design concept, you should consider your comfort. While a large table is beneficial in the room, perhaps when you add the chairs you realize that you have less space.  If you notice that some furniture or decoration does not contribute to these principles, it is preferable that you do not add it.


How To Be A Good Interior Designer

The time has come to leap to decorate your home or your room to something bigger and more committed, as has always been your dream. Discover how to be a good interior designer

Basic concepts of interior design that you must manage

With the following tips to be a good interior designer, you will be ready to leave and register for the race. Take note and be an excellent full-time designer.

How to be a good interior designer

Anyone who likes to decorate can do it, without the need of education, who loves to combine fabrics and colors, is one of its qualities, but if you want to become a designer, you must study and prepare.


Although it seems an obvious point many times it is not so, so you have to take into account having skills with color, understanding spaces, having architectural notions and also textiles are your strong point.

Client portfolio

By obtaining your degree and being able to dedicate yourself professionally, you will have to create your client portfolio. Always remember to have a collection up to date in which you can show your work and conquer that possible client. If you have just taken the title and are new to the world of decorative work, one piece of advice is to offer your services at a meager price. It is a way to get a portfolio and to start getting to know merchants, suppliers and begin developing a good network of contacts that can make your work much more efficient.…

How To Decorate A Small Apartment?

July 1, 2018 Home Decoration

Having a small apartment does not mean that your design should be neglected, as it’s still a residential home. One of our designers once said, “If your partner enters your house and discovers that it is careless, messy and dirty, do not cry when you ask yourself why you are alone!” Wise words.

The point is that, regardless of its size, the grand design can transform anything! We have put together some practical and smart tips to make the best use of the spaces in your home.

Separate in different spaces.

When entering an apartment that looks and feels like a bedroom, it makes it difficult for guests to feel comfortable. If you live in a studio, you can use shelves or even a screen to differentiate between the bedroom area and the living room. Also turning the back of the sofa to the bed, you can create two different spaces.

Carpets are a quick and accessible way to distinguish between “rooms.” Have a rug in your living room, one for the office and one for the bedroom. The cushions can match their carpets to fuse the room.

This brings us to the color combinations. We do not mean to buy everything in one color (unless everything is white), but if you have a carpet of colors like the one in the photo, select small items that match their colors.