How To Decorate A Small Apartment?

July 1, 2018 Home Decoration

Having a small apartment does not mean that your design should be neglected, as it’s still a residential home. One of our designers once said, “If your partner enters your house and discovers that it is careless, messy and dirty, do not cry when you ask yourself why you are alone!” Wise words.

The point is that, regardless of its size, the grand design can transform anything! We have put together some practical and smart tips to make the best use of the spaces in your home.

Separate in different spaces.

When entering an apartment that looks and feels like a bedroom, it makes it difficult for guests to feel comfortable. If you live in a studio, you can use shelves or even a screen to differentiate between the bedroom area and the living room. Also turning the back of the sofa to the bed, you can create two different spaces.

Carpets are a quick and accessible way to distinguish between “rooms.” Have a rug in your living room, one for the office and one for the bedroom. The cushions can match their carpets to fuse the room.

This brings us to the color combinations. We do not mean to buy everything in one color (unless everything is white), but if you have a carpet of colors like the one in the photo, select small items that match their colors.